ASAP Referrals

Navigating through the criminal justice system after an alcohol or drug related offense is expensive, often frustrating, and generally burdensome in a number of ways. If ASAP has reason to believe an individual might have a substance abuse problem, they will refer the person to a counseling program for assessment and/or treatment.

We have over 40 years of experience working with ASAP referrals. If the need for a counseling experience is identified, ASAP referrals may be assigned to a weekly counseling group (90 minutes) for 15 weeks, 25 weeks, or 40 weeks. Random urine screening is a component of the weekly program. This is referred to as level I treatment.

Level II treatment (intensive outpatient program) is a 10 week program consisting of three three-hour group sessions weekly, also with random urine screening. The IOP program is offered through our affiliate: the Center for Behavioral Health. Group counselors are all experienced, extremely well trained, and very relational.