Family Counseling

Family Group

Family group is a time and a space for those who are in a close relationship with someone whose alcohol or drug use is causing a problem(s). Mood altering substances, by their very nature, seriously impact relationship stability. “Walking on egg shells” is a term often heard spoken by a close family member of someone with a drug or alcohol problem. If someone you love or care about is struggling with a serious problem, you also have a piece of the problem.

Family group is a safe place to come and learn about substance abuse. What you can do and what you can’t do. Family group is about understanding boundaries and responsibility to self. While you can’t fix the problem, you can learn how to live with it in a way that’s helpful and not unwittingly enabling.

Family group is an opportunity to discuss each unique situation and circumstance.

The goals of family group are:

  1. To create a safe space to speak about the unspeakable
  2. To provide a context of psychological growth and emotional healing
  3. To support each group members efforts in productively dealing with their unique circumstance
  4. To provide professional guidance