Finding Me

A special group for those individuals having been in or are currently in a relationships with someone suffering from addiction

People struggling with an addictive disorder (drinking, drug use, gambling, over-eating, sexual urges, overspending, etc.) invariably cause deep pain in those who care about and love them. Extreme resentment, mistrust, anger, anxiety, and depression frequently accompany life with an addict.

We know that addiction is a family problem. No one escapes the crazy-making, hurt, and disappointment that active addiction produces. Family relationships can be critically wounded as partners/parents attempt to cope with the lack of communication and defensiveness, as well as their own frustration, resentment, and shattered trust.

Oftentimes the addict may find their way to a treatment program and actually begin a recovery process with group therapy, individual counseling, and twelve-step meeting support. It is essential for those having been in close relationship with an addiction to understand the need for their own growth and healing process.

This group is designed specifically for those seeking knowledge about addiction, personal growth, and recovery from the negative adaptations to life with an addict.

The group will meet weekly for 90 minutes. A twelve-week commitment is required at the outset to allow the growth and healing process to begin and to assure group stability. Many group participants will choose to continue after their twelve-week experience.

To schedule an initial one-hour appointment call Susana at 571-552-4483. The appointment may be in person or virtual on Zoom.

The cost per group is $60 per session. We are participating providers with most major insurers.

The group meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 PM on ZOOM.