Recovering Our Connection

Recovering Our Connection
Weekend Workshop for Couples

Workshop for Recovering Couples based on Harville Hendrix best seller: “Getting The Love You Want”. Learn how to grow healthy relationships in recovery. 12 STEP FRIENDLY!  Discover how the unconscious forces that attract you to your partner are also the sources of conflict.  Learn better communication skills & develop an increased compassion and understanding for your partner. Learn new tools to renew passion and discover how to stay connected to your partner as well as 12 step programs.

What graduates are saying:

“Wonderful Workshop. Just what we needed.” – J.Y., Fairfax, VA

“I really enjoyed the workshop and how we covered so many details to make relationships work in a healthy manner.” –T.W., Leesburg, VA

“Well done Mike! When a person knows the material, you can see it in the enthusiasm they display when speaking!” –T.M., Woodbridge, VA

“I truly enjoyed Mike’s non-stop energy and his rich depth of understanding of the content.” –Anonymous

“Wish I had learned all this when I first married – now I know what I am giving my sons as a wedding gift when their day comes.” –S.M., Rockville, MD

“This workshop was incredibly helpful to our marriage – life changing information and tools.” –P.F., Woodbridge, VA

“ Imago makes sense and I was able to witness in the workshop that it is an important tool for a healthy, successful marriage or relationship.” –T.W., Leesburg, VA

We clearly define what healthy relationships look like while teaching equality and respect in partnership.  It is designed to be a highly interactive, meaningful yet fun weekend.

The weekend includes:

  • Short lectures
  • Writings
  • Exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Movie clips
  • Practicing skills with your partner
  • Meeting couples on the same path, and
  • Laughter

Dates for 2016

October 7,8,9  2016


The workshop fee is $750.
The cost includes manuals, tuition and refreshments.

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