Workshop Presenters Training

Workshop Presenters Training: for Couples

Session I: October 18-21, 2017

Session II: December 6-9, 2017

Session III: February 21-24, 2018

The workshops presenters training is designed to parallel Certified Imago Therapists on their journey to accomplish their full growth potential, while equipping them with the tools necessary to present 20-hour intensive couples workshops.

Upon Successful Completion graduates may:

  • Represent themselves as a Certified Couples Workshop Presenter
  • Conduct Getting the Love You Want Couples’ Workshops
  • Present seminars or lectures on Imago Relationship Therapy for educational and/or marketing purposes to professionals or the publi


Pre-requisites and Admission Requirements include:

  • Two years practicing as a Certified Imago Therapist
  • A Letter of recommendation from
    • The Clinical Instructor from your Basic Clinical Training Program
    • One other Imago faculty member
  • Have taken #501 Preparation for Committed Partnership: Singles Clinical Training (40 hrs) (INSERT LINK) before this training.
  • Have taken #504 Characterological Growth: The Three-day Experience (24 hrs) (INSERT LINK) before this training.
  • Assist at four “Getting the Love You Want: Workshop for Couples” led by a Certified Workshop Presenter (including positive reports from the presenter)
  • Current good-standing IRI member (including a letter from the IRI Board Membership Committee)
  • Submit the Workshop Presenter Registration Form including:
    • An unedited DVD recording of a 1.5 hour session with a couple to the Institute at the time of the application.
    • A DVD showing work as a public speaker or workshop leader taped in front of an audience done within the last twelve months

Course Requirements:

  • Attend ALL sessions (88 hours) of the formal training without exception.
  • Complete required readings.
  • Organize and lead two GTLYW Couples’ workshops:
    • Workshop I – between Session I and II
    • Workshop II – between Session II and III
    • (Workshops I and II should include couples from participant’s practice and cannot be advertised publicly.)
  • Submit DVD excerpts from each workshop for assessment at session II and III and receive positive evaluations from peers and the Course Instructor(s).
  • Execute a Couples Workshop Presenter contract with IRI.


CE Credits:  88 Tuition: $4000 ($800 is paid to Imago Relationships International, and $3200 is paid directly to Mike Borash)